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Government Of Assam Welfare of Minorities & Development Directorate of Char Areas Development

Distribution of e-Rickshaw

  • E – rickshaws or Electric rickshaws have been becoming more popular in most parts of the globe since 2008. In India, e – rickshaws began to gain popularity since 2011. On 8 October, 2014, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had notified the rules to regulate the e- rickshaws by making important amendments under the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989. In March 2015, the Parliament passed the amendments and finally, legalized the use of electric rickshaws.

    E-rickshaws can be the best alternative to petrol or diesel run vehicles as they are operated on battery. Poor people who have to travel on daily basis can easily afford to travel by such vehicles. Poor people who have no skills can at least earn their livelihood by at least running an e rickshaw. There will be a huge compromise in environmental pollution, no heavy maintenance and easy to ride, pollution free and eco friendly to the environment.

    Under above circumstances Govt. of Assam has decided to distribute E-Rickshaws through Directorate of Char Areas Development Assam among the unemployed youths of Char Areas for self employment.