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Government Of Assam Welfare of Minorities & Development Directorate of Char Areas Development

Distribution of Tractor, Trailer and Rotavator

  • Tractors are one of the most important farm machineries. It is truly a versatile machine used widely in agriculture. It is believed that true revolution in the field of agriculture was brought out with the help of tractors. Farmers used to pulverize and grow crops through their bare hands. It was not only time consuming and harsh for their well-being, but it also restricted the amount of output of crops. Later with the industrial revolution, lots of modern farming machines were developed including tractors which radically changed the way of farming.

    The prime focus behind the development of tractors was to aid and modernize the farming process. Soon it was realized that tractors can make large impact on the way whole things are planned and done. With the help of tractors, all stages of farming were sped up. Farming on hundreds of hectares of land can become possible only after its use in the agricultural processes. Further trailer is used for carrying the products of char areas to the nearby markets.

    Under above circumstances Govt. of Assam has decided to distribute Tractor, Trailer and Rotavator through Directorate of Char Areas Development Assam among the SHG/ AHG/ FMC/ PPS of Char Areas for self employment and better agriculture.